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Durable Steel Wire Rope And Sling Terminal End With Solid Thimble

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Made in China
Brand Name: SOLAR
Certification: Lloyd's/CCS/ABS/BV/DNV
Model Number: Wire Rope Sling-Dead Thimble (DIN3091)
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 length
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Pallet, Reels
Delivery Time: within 7 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability: 100 pcs per day

Detail Information

Product Name: Galvanized Heavy Duty Machine Ferrule Swaged Thimble Hard Eye Wire Rope Slings IWRC Wire Rope Structure: 6x36WS/35Wx7/6strands/8strands/Non-rotating Anti-twist
Surface: Galvanized/Ungalvanized/Bright Diameter: 4mm~120mm
Packing: Reel/Pallet/Plastic Bags/Wooden Box Safe Working Load (SWL): 1Ton~180Ton
Port Of Origin: Shanghai China
High Light:

cable lifting slings


lifting ropes slings

Product Description

Galvanized Wire Rope Slings Terminal End With Solid Thimble---Dead Thimble


We can supply different Wire Rope with Different Structures:

6x37+FC 6x37+IWR 6x37+IWS  
6x61+FC 6x61+IWR    
6x25Fi+FC 6x25Fi+IWR    
6x26WS+FC 6x26WS+IWR    
6x29Fi+FC 6x29Fi+IWR    
6x31WS+FC 6x31WS+IWR    
6x36WS+FC 6x36WS+IWR    
6x37S+FC 6x37S+IWR    
6x41WS+FC 6x41WS+IWR    
6x49SWS+FC 6x49SWS+IWR    
6x55SWS+FC 6x55SWS+IWR    
6x24+7FC 6x24S+7FC 6x24W+7FC  
8x37+FC 8x37+IWR    
8x61+FC 8x61+IWR    
8x19S+FC 8x19W+FC    
8x19S+IWRF 8x19W+IWRF 8x25Fi+IWRF Elevator Steel Wire Rope
8x19S+PWRF 8x19W+PWRF 8x21Fi+PWRC 8x25Fi+PWRC
9x17S+IWRC 9x17S+IWRF    
9x19S+IWRC 9x19S+IWRF    
9x19W+IWRC 9x19W+IWRF    
9x21Fi+IWRC 9x21Fi+IWRF    
9x25Fi+IWRC 9x25Fi+IWRF    
8x25Fi+FC 8x25Fi+IWR    
8x26WS+FC 8x26WS+IWR    
8x31WS+FC 8x31WS+IWR    
8x36WS+FC 8x36WS+IWR    
8x41WS+FC 8x41WS+IWR    
8x49SWS+FC 8x49SWS+IWR    
8x55SWS+FC 8x55SWS+IWR    
8x61FWS+FC 8x61FWS+IWR    
8x64SFS+FC 8x64SFS+FC    
8x65FNS+FC 8x65FNS+IWR    
8x80FNS+FC 8x80FNS+IWR    
8x84WSNS+FC 8x84WSNS+IWR    
8x103FSNS+FC 8x103FSNS+IWR    
8x109WSNS+FC 8x109WSNS+IWR    
8x111SWSNS+FC 8x111WSNS+IWR    
4Vx39S+5FC 4Vx48S+5FC    
17x7+FC 17x7+IWS    
18x7+FC 18x7+IWS    
18x19W+FC 18x19W+IWS    
18x19S+FC 18x19S+IWS    
18x19+FC 18x19+IWS    
35Wx7 35WxK7    
6Vx19+FC 6Vx19+IWR    
6Vx30+FC 6Vx30+IWR    
6Vx34+FC 6Vx34+IWR    
6Vx37+FC 6Vx37+IWR    
6Vx37S+FC 6Vx37S+IWR    
6xK19S+FC 6xK19S+IWR    
6xK25Fi+FC 6xK25Fi+IWR    
6xK26WS+FC 6xK26WS+IWR    
6xK29Fi+FC 6xK29Fi+IWR    
6xK31WS+FC 6xK31WS+IWR    
6xK36WS+FC 6xK36WS+IWR    
6xK41WS+FC 6xK41WS+IWRC    


About Wire Rope Slings:

Steel wire rope slings as a basic material handling tool are most frequently used in marine line. Also they offer a strong, dependable and economical option for most lifting applications. Their popularity is enhanced by the numerous sling configurations available to support a broad range of applications. These configurations include single and multi-part slings (such as round braids, flat braids, Tri-Flex and cable laid slings), grommets, single leg slings, multiple leg bridles, and a wide variety of fittings and attachments.

Relative to other types of slings, wire rope slings are average in strength/weight ratio, average in abrasion and cut resistance, poorest in elongation and flexibility, and average for high temperatures (IWRC only).


EIPS = Extra Improved Plow Steel

FC = Fiber Core

IWRC = Independent Wire Rope Core



A mechanical (or flemish) splice sling is most frequently used and is fabricated by unlaying the rope body into two parts, one having three strands, the other having the remaining three strands and core. The rope is unlayed far enough back to allow the eye to be formed by looping one part in one direction and the other part in the opposite direction and laying the rope back together.
The strands are rolled back around the rope body and a metal sleeve is slipped over the ends and pressed (or swaged) to secure the ends to the sling body. A hydraulic swaging press with special dies is used to bond the sleeve in place. Extreme pressure forces the steel sleeve to flow into the voids between the wires and strands, creating an assembly that maintains most of the wire rope's nominal breaking strength.


Why SOLAR Brand?

As a professional manufacturer for wire rope slings and heavy lift assemblies, SOLAR has been the No.1 wire rope and sling supplier in SH area. Our customers are mostly Shipbuilding, Shipping, Offshore construction, and ship service providers. With swaging machine up to size 120mm and experienced splicing workers, we provide strongest and safest wire rope slings. Also our sales staffs are professional with lifting equipment, and could provide with customer correct wire rope and slings for their equipment or lifting requirements.




1. Steel wire ropes with diameters from 4mm to 120mm, Diameter and strcuture depends on customers' requirements.

2. 4:1/5:1/6:1 safety factors



  • Define rope diameter. 1-1/4" or 24mm in example
  • Rope Structure. 6X37 IWRC EIPS construction for example.
  • laid RHLL(Z) or LHLL(S) for cable laid rope.
  • Sling Length (feet or Meter)
  • Terminations, end with soft eye or Hard eye (Thimble Eye)


Durable Steel Wire Rope And Sling Terminal End With Solid Thimble 0


Durable Steel Wire Rope And Sling Terminal End With Solid Thimble 1





Durable Steel Wire Rope And Sling Terminal End With Solid Thimble 2



Durable Steel Wire Rope And Sling Terminal End With Solid Thimble 3


Durable Steel Wire Rope And Sling Terminal End With Solid Thimble 4

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