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Do you know what to pay attention to when buying wire rope?

July 31, 2020

Latest company news about Do you know what to pay attention to when buying wire rope?

     In modern real life, steel wire ropes are mostly used in material handling machinery for lifting, traction, tensioning and carrying purposes. The steel wire rope has high strength, light weight, stable work, not easy to be broken suddenly, and reliable work. What do you know when buying wire rope? Now the editor of Sole is here to spread it to everyone.

1. From the packaging point of view, the quality of the wire rope is mainly reflected in the packaging. After the wire rope arrives, the rope pulley is deformed, broken or scattered, causing the wire rope to roll on the rope pulley, squeeze, scratch, or cause serious damage without moisture-proof measures. Corrosion affects users. But strictly speaking, it does not stop there. If the packaging does not meet the standards or the contract, the order contract does not match the actual delivery, etc., are all included in the packaging inspection. The main reasons for the above-mentioned quality are: the manufacturer’s failure to consider the strength when designing the rope pulley; the packaging does not follow the packaging standards and contract standards; the transportation department does not load and unload according to the operating procedures; the use and storage department does not store according to the correct method, etc. According to the steel wire rope inspection for coal mines Article 78 of Chapter 7 of the Technical Regulations stipulates that those who violate one of the provisions during the acceptance inspection must be held accountable.

2. Twisting defects, the so-called twisting defects, in a broad sense, refers to all kinds of defects that do not meet the quality requirements of the twisting quality requirements in the steel wire rope standard during the twisting (referring to the twisted strand or rope). These defects are collectively referred to as twisting defects, including: uneven twisting tightness, loose strand rope core displacement, severe uneven tightness of the rope strands, uneven tightness of the strands bulging, one strand of uneven tightness and protrusion, multiple strands There are various degrees of slack and bulging, the outer strands of the multi-layer non-rotating steel wire rope are slack and bulged, the hemp core is severely displaced, and the strands are tied with iron wires after the strands are interrupted. There is no hemp core in the rope, serious wire skipping, serious uneven lay length, etc. . .


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3. Surface damage, the crushing, bruising, scratching, scratching or nailing of the wire rope or wire surface due to contact with the outside are collectively called surface damage, but in the manufacturing process due to the pressure line die, pre-deformer Or plastic deformation caused by roller molds, etc. does not belong to the category of surface damage. During the inspection process, if one of the following situations is found, the responsibility shall be investigated according to the standard.

4. Surface corrosion (floating rust), oxidation on the surface (partially or overall) of the wire rope. Reasons for the rust (floating rust) on the surface of the new wire rope:


The First is that the acid, alkali, salt and other substances remain on the surface of the steel wire during production.

Second, the steel rope grease contains too much acid, alkali or moisture.

The third is poor oiling in the production of steel wire rope,

Fourth, improper packaging and moisture-proof measures (due to the impregnation of harmful gases with imported steel wire ropes for long-distance transportation).

Slight floating rust on new ropes (especially wire ropes that are not oiled by users) is allowed, but if there are still rust spots after rubbing or pits or pits have been caused, the manufacturer shall be held accountable.

5. Galvanized defects, cracks, shedding, zinc accumulation, zinc scars and exposed steel on the surface of galvanized steel wire ropes are all galvanized defects.

Galvanizing defects are mainly caused by oil stains or oxide scale on the surface of the galvanized steel wire that have not been washed off,

and the galvanizing process is not strictly controlled, such as the purity of the zinc solution, temperature, equipment operation speed and stability, and improper zinc dross treatment.

6. Poor oiling. Poor oiling refers to the lack and unevenness of the impregnant and lubricant on the steel wire or hemp core on the surface of the wire rope.

The wire rope standard stipulates: "Unless the user requires otherwise, there should be no places where lubricant is not applied to the surface of the wire in the wire rope." This is also a measure to improve the quality of the wire rope.

Generally, there are two types of wire rope oils used by wire rope manufacturers: one is (impregnant) hemp core grease, and the other is external coating agent (surface grease).

The main reasons for poor oiling are: First, the current domestic oil quality is not good enough, but improper immersion oiling method.

For example, when the steel wire rope passes through the heating oil tank when twisting the rope, the parking time is long, the oil temperature is too high, the oil evaporation or the leakage of the grease will cause the bad oiling phenomenon. If this phenomenon is found, measures should be taken to protect it in time.


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7. Fiber core exposed

The phenomenon that the fiber core is extruded from the full length of the steel wire rope or between the gaps between the partial strands is called fiber core exposure.

The reasons for the exposure of the hemp core are: uneven thickness of the fiber core, poor joints of the fiber core, local enlargement or disconnection, and uneven twisting of the strands.

Generally, fiber core (hemp core) steel wire ropes should have tiny gaps between each strand of the full length of the steel wire rope under normal conditions, or a small amount of fluff flying out of the gap is normal, but the joint is too thick or the joint If the disconnection affects the use of the wire rope, a claim should be filed with the manufacturer.

8. Loose strands

After the end of the wire rope is loosened and cut off, the strands or the steel wires (in whole or in part) in the strands will loosen and not form.
The looseness of steel wire rope strands is mainly caused by improper handling of pre-deformation and post-deformation processes in manufacturing.

9. Bad connector

The wire rope in the wire rope is partially too large due to improper joint method, improper joint center or poor welding.

The main reason for poor joints is due to wire breakage and poor welding in the process of drawing, twisting or twisting. The serious one is that some wire rope manufacturers

Poor joints sometimes cause the strand diameter to increase, and sometimes force the adjacent steel wires to be misaligned, and the welding head is thick and protruding, making the surface of the strands not smooth. According to the standard, the steel wire rope with a thin steel wire rope of less than 18mm shall not exceed 4 places within 1000 meters. Wire ropes for important purposes or fixed-length wire ropes are not allowed.

10. Loose strands (twisted twist)

The phenomenon of individual strands in the steel wire rope protruding or sinking, this phenomenon often occurs at the same time as the loosening of the strands.

The reasons for these defects are: uneven thickness of the hemp core, incorrect position of the crimping tile, improper control of the pre-deformation fixture, inconsistent bending depth of each strand, or uneven operation of the equipment.

This phenomenon is not allowed, but if it appears at the end of the wire rope and does not affect the length of the order, it can be negotiated. If the use has been affected, a claim should be filed.


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