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Installation and Maintenance of Wire Rope

August 24, 2020

Latest company news about Installation and Maintenance of Wire Rope

The selection of steel wire rope The type and structure of steel wire rope can be selected according to Appendix A "Recommendation Table for Main Uses of Steel Wire Rope" in the GB/T8918-1996 standard. Please refer to pages A5 and A6 of this catalog. In view of the large breaking force of the wire contact wire rope, long fatigue life, Corrosion performance is good, it is recommended to use wire contact wire rope first. 6*37 types are available for softer ones.

According to the characteristics of the equipment, give examples:

(1) Corresponding professional wire ropes should be selected for elevator and aviation wire ropes;

(2) Corresponding special wire ropes should be selected for steel wire ropes for high-lift construction tower cranes;

(3) Steel wire ropes for cranes, pile drivers, drilling rigs, electric shovels, excavators and other machinery with low lifts require abrasion

resistance, fatigue resistance, and good impact resistance. Wire ropes such as 6*29Fi or 6*36SW can be selected;

(4) For equipment operating in a high temperature environment or requiring a large breaking load, steel wire rope with a metal core can be selected;

(5) Steel wire ropes for shipping, ships, fisheries, tying wood, etc., require corrosion resistance and softness. Class A galvanized steel wire ropes with structures such as 6*19, 6*24, 6*37, etc. can be selected. In addition, select the tensile strength of the steel wire rope It is emphasized that the appropriate strength level should be selected according to the used load and the specified safety factor, and it is not advisable to blindly pursue high strength. In short, we should select the appropriate wire rope according to the characteristics of the equipment and the operating occasions to ensure the purpose of safety, prolonging the service life and improving economic efficiency.


latest company news about Installation and Maintenance of Wire Rope  0


Maintenance and inspection of wire rope:

(1) The speed of the running wire rope should be stable during operation, and it should not exceed the load to avoid shock load;

(2) Maintenance The steel wire rope has been coated with enough grease when it is manufactured, but after operation, the grease will gradually decrease, and the surface of the steel wire rope will occupy dust, debris and other dirt, causing the steel wire rope and sheaves to wear and rust. Therefore, it should be cleaned and refueled regularly. The simple method is to use a wire brush and other corresponding tools to wipe off the dust and other dirt on the surface of the wire rope, and evenly apply the heated and melted wire rope surface grease on the surface of the wire rope, or spray 30 or 40 engine oil on the surface of the wire rope , But don’t spray too much and pollute the environment;

(3) Inspection records The use of steel wire ropes must be regularly inspected and recorded. In addition to the above-mentioned cleaning and refueling, the content of the regular inspections should also be checked for the degree of wear, broken wires, corrosion, and fishing hooks, rings, and lubrication. Wear of vulnerable parts such as wheel grooves. Any abnormality must be adjusted or replaced in time.


Installation of wire rope:
(1) When unwinding, the rope reel should be placed on a special support, or a steel pipe can be used to pass through the rope reel hole, and the two ends should be hoisted with ropes, and the rope reel should be slowly rotated (see the middle picture below);

(2) The arrangement of the wire rope on the drum. The winding direction of the wire rope on the drum must be based on the lay direction of the wire rope. The right twist rope is arranged from left to right, and the left twist rope is arranged from right to left. The winding should be neatly arranged to avoid deviation. Or pinching phenomenon. (See the picture below right);

(3) Shearing The steel wire rope should be cut tightly with iron wire at a distance of 10-20mm between the two edges of the cutting place. The binding length is 1-4 times the rope diameter, and then cut with a cutting tool.

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